At Govlaunch, we're on a mission to connect governments around the globe with the transformative technology solutions they need to build smarter cities. 

Toward that end, we've launched Disruptors  –  an invite-only program designed to help young government technology companies connect with and showcase their leading-edge solutions to our growing community of local government innovators.

Free tools to connect with government innovators 

and share your disruptive technology.

Introducing Disruptors

Govlaunch is “the wiki for local government innovation” driven by a community of local governments. We are committed to working with like-minded innovative companies who have aspirations to bring local governments, across the globe, leading-edge technologies.

Part of this commitment is to help expand the reach of disruptive companies. To meet this goal, we're giving companies whose mission and purpose aligns with ours FREE access to tools to enhance their product page and increase brand awareness, quickly share your success stories, and easily engage our community of local governments. See program benefits

What is Disruptors?

Govlaunch is looking for innovative companies who have aspirations to bring local governments, across the globe, leading-edge technologies.

If your focus is to disrupt the status quo and fundamentally change the way local governments operate through leading technology, please apply!

Who can apply?

The local government market is experiencing a surge in young companies entering the space with new and disruptive solutions. And while many of these new technologies are helping communities in big ways, the marketplace continues to be resistant to startups for a variety of reasons.

Government leaders are hard to reach and don't have time to research emerging technologies like yours. They're also traditionally hesitant to work with startups because of the perceived risks.  

More often than not, governments choose existing enterprise players over disruptive technologies that could help them innovate quicker and more cost-effectively.

We aim to change this.

Why are we doing this?


Powerful tools to validate and share your success stories

Program Benefits

Disruptors provides everything you need to showcase your products and increase visibility across our growing community and beyond!

Increased visibility for your products across our platform

Exclusive access to our community – answer questions, solicit feedback and share product updates

Customizable public share page to share your products, success stories and more outside of Govlaunch

Custom branded discussion groups to engage government innovators and become a thought-leader

We are passionate about helping local governments innovate…are you?

Enhanced product profiles for your entire suite of solutions